DD – data visualization [2017]

“DD” is a smart taxi distribution system like Uber.  Its data has complicated multiple dimensions, such as TPH, Deal Rate, Distance, Guided or Unguided Rate, Requests/Drivers Rate, Coordinate, Time, etc.We designed and developed the data visualization. The map area is setup at Shanghai China. Yidan:Data analysis, data visualization design, UI.Sketch, Cinema 4D. Contra:Raw data parser, data visualization development.React, WebGL, D3js, mapbox, python.

SCIENTIFIC – website [2017]

“SCIENTIFIC LAB“, just another cool company with cool product.We build website for them. Yidan:Logo, icon and web design.Sketch, Photoshop. Contra:Website development and server operation.Drupal.

HW CEBIT – event live game [2016]

“HW CEBIT” is an interactive quiz game among live audiences in the Europe’s leading digital event: CEBIT (2016). It has three ends: – an iPad for host to control the game process.– three iPads for audiences who participated in the game.– a big screen wall for other live audience to watch the whole process and result. Yidan:Prototype design, UI and visual design.Sketch. Contra:Development.React, Nodejs.

Wendu – H5 E-Mall [2016]

“Wendu” is an O2O shopping E-Mall, with store, club, order, shopping, event, meetup and more kinds of functions. Yidan:Prototype, UI, interactive design, visual design.Sketch, Modao. Contra:Web development.Reactjs, Nodejs, PHP, RESTful API.