How to add Shadertoy effect to Spark AR

This article introduces how to add the effects on Shadertoy into Spark AR Studio. It has been several years since Spark AR Studio was launched, and its functions are relatively mature. Its UI as shown above, with a familiar three-dimensional scene editor, and a node-visual-programming patch editor. This kind of AR special effects software is generally platform-bound (that is, it can only publish effects on their respective platforms, such as Instagram,

A green scanner effect with depth texture

I made a green scanner effect. Steps: Prepare a handsome photo. Calculate the depth value of the scene in the photo through machine learning, and get a depth texture. Write shader code to implement green scan line effect. Calculate photo scene depth Why do we need to calculate the scene depth of the photo? Because the photo is two-dimensional, if you directly use the color or grayscale of the two-dimensional