An effect of reflection in water – [Patch a Dirty 011]

An effect of reflection in water, made with MaxMSP Jitter. [] for reflection; A simple shader [] to add noise to the reflection to simulate the water ripples on the water surface. Source patch: Acturaly it is from an old project(2018) of mine, which is an interactive wall. Vision, sound effects (except water sound), interactive logic (touch and human position tracking), sensor communication, etc. are all made with MaxMSP Jitter.

Audio Visual interaction based on AI paintings

Just tried adding some audio-visual effect onto an portrait painting generated by AI. The full video: The original painting generated by AI, a model using StyleGAN2. The visual effect created mostly from shader.And I used the handy and cool software “Fragment:Flow” based on MaxMSP/Jitter. BGM: “Green Lake Remix 006”, by dogone – my old friend who can repair airplanes.

Simulating Robot Arm with MaxMSP and RobotStudio

This project was about robotic arm with multi screens, (by ManaVR ✖ INT++) made in 2017.In the early stage, I used MaxMSP Jitter with ABB’s RobotStudio to simulate the robotic arm and the large screen. This article only focuses on how to use MaxMSP to do the simulation of the project prototype, making full use of the very convenient TCP communication, multi-screen motion simulation and other functional modules in MaxMSP

Node of Code with MaxMSP Jitter – NoC#1.6 Acceleration Vector – [Patch a Dirty 010]

Implemented the Acceleration Vector effect of Node of Code using MaxMSP Jitter. All process and patch are open and free in the video. And the source file below, appreciating your donation: REF: Original Nature of Code Lesson #1.6 by great Daniel Shiffman (P5js): DONATE: There are many articles, patches, source code and some advanced Patron-only content there. Or you can get a source code/patch directly in