How to make interactive audiovisual effect in 5 minutes using Blender and MaxMSP

Blender is now a new force in 3D art. Although new but not young, about twenties. In [Experimental Programming], I generally use Blender as a Python runtime environment out of the box, like:Using Blender to run Python and visualizing the Fourier Series. And this time, it is a simple and crude VJ / music visualization / audio-visual interaction software: Fingers hurt a little, change a prop: One more: Controlled by mobile

Sound Mountain – interactive MV [2012]

‘Sound Mountain’ is an interactive music experience (or interactive music video).It was exhibited in the 2012 China Maker Carnival in Beijing (中国首届创客嘉年华). The original concept is from a music video by Hibanana. I implement it to this interactive version. Contra: Design, Development.unity3d.

processing sound-reactive

Extend the “3D Jellyfish” (by VJ Fader) in I added some sound reactive、spectrum and shining effects. All in processing, include the classic “Blue” XD music: DJ krush “BLUE FANTASY DJ KRUSH REMIX” github: Contra:Audio visual, generative animation.Processing.