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[Coding Druid] series is my horizontal programming practice notes, each part around a topic like mathematical, physics, electronic, graphics, sound, etc., implemented in several programming languages.

Using Blender to run Python and visualizing the Fourier Series

Fourier Series Visualization Using Unity

Fourier Series Visualization Using React Hooks

Sine function visualization using Unity3D

Sine function visualization using Python

Sine function visualization using React Hooks

Trigonometric function visualization using MaxMSP — “Coding Druid”

Series [Patch a dirty], daily demos, which are lighter than the [Coding Druid] series, focusing on the rapid implementation of local effects / functions / algorithms.

A LeetCode problem “Two Sum” implemented with JavaScript and MaxMSP separately – [Patch a dirty #005]

Machine Learning homework Matrix operating implemented with MaxMSP – [Patch a dirty #004]

An simple audio visual effect with FFT using MaxMSP – [Patch a dirty #003]

An Christmas tree made with Blender and Python – [Patch a dirty #002]

An edge effect filter with MaxMSP – [Patch a dirty #001]

Motion capture with Tenserflow.js/PoseNet + MaxMSP + Blender

Tutorial to voice control HTML GIF animation with mobile phone using MaxMSP and Nodejs

How to make interactive audiovisual effect in 5 minutes using Blender and MaxMSP

AI笔记之 —— MacBook Pro + 外置显卡 + Ubuntu 安装


你的对象可能是个函数!MaxMSP 函数式编程学习