Touch Designer

Generatived video with AI (StyleGAN2) and Unreal Engine Niagara

Generative art video with AI (StyleGAN2)

Generative video with StyleGAN and Unreal engine, another

Generative video with StyleGAN and Unreal engine

OSC – from mobile phone to Unreal

How to add Shadertoy effect to Spark AR

A green scanner effect with depth texture

Audio visual + AI generated face

a Web+AR+AI Christmas Tree example

An effect of reflection in water – [Patch a Dirty 011]

Audio Visual interaction based on AI paintings

Blender Sverchok – Unit Vector (Normalize) effect – [Nature of Node 004]

How to turn on HiDPI mode on external display in macOS

Simulating Robot Arm with MaxMSP and RobotStudio

Node of Code with MaxMSP Jitter – NoC#1.6 Acceleration Vector – [Patch a Dirty 010]

Node of Code with MaxMSP Jitter – Unit Vector (Normalize) – [Patch a Dirty 008]

Blender Sverchok – Vector Random effect – [Nature of Node 003]

Node of Code with MaxMSP Jitter – Vector Multiply and Random – [Patch a Dirty 008]

Blender Sverchok – Vector Addition effect – [Nature of Node 002]

Nature of Code with MaxMSP Jitter – 1.2 Vector Addition – [Patch a Dirty 007]

Nature of Code with Blender Sverchok – Vector Walker – [Nature of Node 001]

Nature of Code with MaxMSP – 1.1 Vector – [Patch a Dirty 006]

“The First Dance” AILog.006 n’ “There is a cycle” AILog.007

Motion capture with Tenserflow.js/PoseNet + MaxMSP + Blender

AI as a way of expressing emotions

Speech recognition and then visualize the 3D text in Blender Eevee in realtime

Tutorial to voice control HTML GIF animation with mobile phone using MaxMSP and Nodejs

Interactive between mobile phone and Blender animation through OSC

How to make interactive audiovisual effect in 5 minutes using Blender and MaxMSP

A LeetCode problem “Two Sum” implemented with JavaScript and MaxMSP separately – [Patch a dirty #005]

Machine Learning homework Matrix operating implemented with MaxMSP – [Patch a dirty #004]

How to use phone dial tone as an interaction controller, and decode DTMF signals

An simple audio visual effect with FFT using MaxMSP – [Patch a dirty #003]

An Christmas tree made with Blender and Python – [Patch a dirty #002]

An edge effect filter with MaxMSP – [Patch a dirty #001]

Drawing anything with Fourier Series using Blender and Python

Using Blender to run Python and visualizing the Fourier Series

Fourier Series Visualization Using Unity

BugOSC, an OSC controller based on WeChat Mini Program

Fourier Series Visualization Using React Hooks

Sine function visualization using Unity3D

Sine function visualization using Python

Sine function visualization using React Hooks

Trigonometric function visualization using MaxMSP — “Coding Druid”

CROSSING – Creative Web App for the film[2019]

Transmitting OSC data via WebSocket

p5.we – develop WeChat Mini Game using p5.js

Max QRCode Generator

BSQ – interactive wall [2018]

SOS – interactive wall [2018]

AI笔记之 —— MacBook Pro + 外置显卡 + Ubuntu 安装

DD – data visualization [2017]

SCIENTIFIC – website [2017]

“Uncle Code”


你的对象可能是个函数!MaxMSP 函数式编程学习






HW CEBIT – event live game [2016]

Wendu – H5 E-Mall [2016]

Chaos Tao

Miss Mama – App [2015]

Social Language – App [2014]

Pure Data for adobe AIR

Du Fu is busy 杜甫很忙

Sound Mountain – interactive MV [2012]

processing sound-reactive

puredata with unity3d


New Media Garden 新媒体花园

google网上寻人工具及代码!! google person finder!!


活动记录1,“胡同”。event-notes 1, “Hutong”

活动记录: new media workshop 1st

活动记录:new media workshop 2nd

活动记录:new media workshop 3rd

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