Experimental Programming

Experimental Programming, meaning is derived from experimental art, experimental electronics, or experimental music. And that’s how I (Contra) create things through programming.

I’m sharing my articles, patches, source code and experiences in creative projects developing.
You can get them on this site, Github, Gumroad, and Patreon.

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The latest:

Generatived video with AI (StyleGAN2) and Unreal Engine Niagara

Generative art video with AI (StyleGAN2)

Generative video with StyleGAN and Unreal engine, another

Generative video with StyleGAN and Unreal engine

How to add Shadertoy effect to Spark AR

A green scanner effect with depth texture

Audio visual + AI generated face

a Web+AR+AI Christmas Tree example

An effect of reflection in water – [Patch a Dirty 011]

Audio Visual interaction based on AI paintings

Blender Sverchok – Unit Vector (Normalize) effect – [Nature of Node 004]

Simulating Robot Arm with MaxMSP and RobotStudio

Node of Code with MaxMSP Jitter – NoC#1.6 Acceleration Vector – [Patch a Dirty 010]

Node of Code with MaxMSP Jitter – Unit Vector (Normalize) – [Patch a Dirty 008]

Blender Sverchok – Vector Random effect – [Nature of Node 003]