CROSSING – Creative Web App for the film[2019]

“过春天 The Crossing” is an awards-winning movie, directed by Bai Xue.The film has a poster created by an artist Lu Zhengyuan.We built a creative Web App for the poster and film. “The Crossing” (painting) hopes to express the resonance of the film by creating a sense of time and space overlap and an imminent shift in behavior. First draw the running Peipei, the color picture, the speed of the strokes

BSQ – interactive wall [2018]

“BSQ” is an interactive LED wall in a clubhouse near “West Lake” of Hangzhou, China.  In the video, “Qiantang River” was crossing the city. The modern building will transform to ancient architecture when touched by people. If someone walks along the wall, some wave will follow him. The background sound also reacts to people’s interaction. The project used two HOKUYO URG-10LX Scanning Laser Rangefinders, one for multi-touch, and another for tracking people’s position.  About

SOS – interactive wall [2018]

“SOS” is an interactive LED wall in a night club in Shanghai, China. If someone walks along the wall, some halo will follow him. The background stripe color will reacts to the live music tempo. The project used one HOKUYO URG-10LX Scanning Laser Rangefinders for tracking people’s position. About software, the visual content created in Max (aka MaxMSP). Python got the tracking data from Rangefinder, and sent it to Max

DD – data visualization [2017]

“DD” is a smart taxi distribution system like Uber.  Its data has complicated multiple dimensions, such as TPH, Deal Rate, Distance, Guided or Unguided Rate, Requests/Drivers Rate, Coordinate, Time, etc.We designed and developed the data visualization. The map area is setup at Shanghai China. Yidan:Data analysis, data visualization design, UI.Sketch, Cinema 4D. Contra:Raw data parser, data visualization development.React, WebGL, D3js, mapbox, python.

SCIENTIFIC – website [2017]

“SCIENTIFIC LAB“, just another cool company with cool product.We build website for them. Yidan:Logo, icon and web design.Sketch, Photoshop. Contra:Website development and server operation.Drupal.