Chaos Tao

“Chaos Tao” is an algorithmic music generator. It generates a series midi sequences in real time, then play them out and output the midi notes. Try it here: source code: Chaos The algorithm behind is “Chaos”. Programming Language is Pure Data (Pd vanilla), using WebPd to play in web browser. Pure Data Pure Data (aka Pd) is an open source visual programming language. WebPd WebPd is a 100% JavaScript Pure Data runtime using Web Audio API to

Pure Data for adobe AIR

I open source the airPd — an AIR native extension for Pure Data, built using libpd . The project is on github: . airPd is an AIR native extension for Pure Data, built using libpd. notes: aslib: actionscript lib. mac: native source for mac osx (cpp). build: building files (ant). bin: ane file. sample: a simple sample, with init/ open patch/ send float. native mac osx The native source only mac osx now. iOS and Android

Du Fu is busy 杜甫很忙

“Du Fu is busy 杜甫很忙“, one of my processing demo.Text data from a Chinese twitter-like sns: Weibo. “杜甫很忙” was a very hot keyword/tag then. Got the posts data with tag “杜甫很忙” from Weibo, then visualized them, and reacted with background music. (bgm: DJ Krush – Beyond Raging Waves.) Contra:Visual Design, Data visualization development.Processing, Weibo data API.

Sound Mountain – interactive MV [2012]

‘Sound Mountain’ is an interactive music experience (or interactive music video).It was exhibited in the 2012 China Maker Carnival in Beijing (中国首届创客嘉年华). The original concept is from a music video by Hibanana. I implement it to this interactive version. Contra: Design, Development.unity3d.

processing sound-reactive

Extend the “3D Jellyfish” (by VJ Fader) in I added some sound reactive、spectrum and shining effects. All in processing, include the classic “Blue” XD music: DJ krush “BLUE FANTASY DJ KRUSH REMIX” github: Contra:Audio visual, generative animation.Processing.