Interactive between mobile phone and Blender animation through OSC

Just another demo about interactive between mobile phone and Blender animation through OSC. Blender Eevee animation: BLUE FOX Creation NodeOSC addon of Blender: maybites OSC controller: BugOSC, an OSC controller I developed based of Wechat mini program (微信小程序). You should install wechat firstly and then search “BugOSC” in it. Detail how-to video: “How to make interactive audiovisual effect in 5 minutes using Blender and MaxMSP“ Bgm: ” Limit

How to make interactive audiovisual effect in 5 minutes using Blender and MaxMSP

Blender is now a new force in 3D art. Although new but not young, about twenties. In [Experimental Programming], I generally use Blender as a Python runtime environment out of the box, like:Using Blender to run Python and visualizing the Fourier Series. And this time, it is a simple and crude VJ / music visualization / audio-visual interaction software: Fingers hurt a little, change a prop: One more: Controlled by mobile

How to use phone dial tone as an interaction controller, and decode DTMF signals

The first article in 2020, accidentally picked an Old School topic. There was a section in 名探偵コナン 戦慄の楽譜フルスコア(Detective Conan:Full Score of Fear), released ten years ago. Konan was standing in the middle of the water. First, a world wave shot down the phone receiver on the shore, then closed his eyes and shouted loudly. 110 alarm calls were broadcast remotely. This time I will talk about how to use sound

Drawing anything with Fourier Series using Blender and Python

Recently, in the Fourier Series chapter of “Coding Druid”, I practiced the visualization of Fourier Series and demonstrated the periodic square wave curve, which can be decomposed into a series of sine wave curves: Above is Python (Blender) version. There are JavaScript (React) version, and Unity version. “Coding Druid” series is my horizontal programming practice notes, each part around a topic like mathematical, physics, electronic, graphics, sound, etc., implemented in several programming languages. This time I’m try to draw something with Fourier

BugOSC, an OSC controller based on WeChat Mini Program

OSC is a commonly used data protocol when transferring data between software and devices. The most common usage scenario is to install an OSC sending software on the mobile phone, install a receiving module on the computer, and then start your performance with hands: In the past, when using OSC on a mobile phone, you must install an app (such as TouchOSC). And if you are using WeChat now, BugOSC is an OSC controller