How to turn on HiDPI mode on external display in macOS

When the Mac is connected to a high-resolution 2K monitor, for example, the DELL U2518D of mine has a default resolution of 2560*1440, which is stuffed into a 25-inch screen. The text is actually a bit small. But what I want should be: If you directly use the Scale method to lower the resolution, for example, to 1080p: In this way the text is large, but the edges will be

AI笔记之 —— MacBook Pro + 外置显卡 + Ubuntu 安装

最近在年老体强的 2011 MacBook Pro 上,成功搭建了 Ubuntu 下的 TensorFlow 环境,本文先记录 MacBook Pro + 外置显卡 + Ubuntu 的安装。 安装环境 硬件环境: 2011 early MacBook Pro  更换了 SSD 硬盘 更换了 16G DDR3 内存 自带雷电 Thunderbolt 1 接口 外置显卡盒子 AKiTiO Node -Thunderbolt 3 GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4G 雷电 1/2 -> 雷电 3 转接头 U盘 软件环境: Ubuntu 17.10.1 Desktop AMD 64 Nvidia Linux X64 驱动 384.111 CUDA 驱动 9.0 关于外置显卡 外置显卡是扩展 Mac 电脑渲染能力的有力工具。通过外置显卡盒子将 PC 上的常用显卡,经由雷电口,接驳在 Mac

SCIENTIFIC – website [2017]

“SCIENTIFIC LAB“, just another cool company with cool product.We build website for them. Yidan:Logo, icon and web design.Sketch, Photoshop. Contra:Website development and server operation.Drupal.


Docker For Mac 在mount本地文件时,有很大的性能问题,本文介绍两种实测有效的性能提升方法。 什么是Docker for Mac: Docker for Mac is an easy-to-install desktop app for building, debugging and testing Dockerized apps on a Mac. Docker for Mac is a complete development environment deeply integrated with the MacOS Hypervisor framework, networking and filesystem. Docker for Mac is the fastest and most reliable way to run Docker on a Mac. 关于D4M性能问题的详细讨论,见这里: File access in mounted volumes extremely slow · Issue #77

你的对象可能是个函数!MaxMSP 函数式编程学习

先来一首定场诗: There is a cycle, a rhythm to the universe. Today one program will be popular, tomorrow another. Today 500 bugs will be fixed, tomorrow another 500 will appear. To understand life is to know that the rhythm exists. To understand Zen is to live outside this rhythm, detached from the everyday concerns of life. Only then can the mind be free. —- 摘自《The Tao of Programming(编程之道)》 面向对象编程(Object-Oriented Programming –