We are Contra and Yidan, an engineer and a designer.
We build media art and creative applications, and live a digital and floating life.

Contra, with a BA in Electronic and Information Engineering and his Master in Software Engineering, he graduated from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (aka Beihang University).

He has been a Game/App/Web engineer since 2006, and now a technical artist and creative technologist making computational art, interactive media, experimental programming, and other creative applications.

He previously worked as senior programmer at Game Department of Netease, and Technical Director and CTO at two mobile internet startups. And then he was co-founder of INT++,  a studio which was focused on interactive design and development, both software and hardware, where creative ideas were integrated with science and technology.

Now he is a technical artist in Tencent.

Yidan is a visual and interaction designer , graduated from Peking University with an MSE of the Interactive Media Art.

She participated in the “CITY FLOW” project of the RMIT University and Peking University during her postgraduate studies, optimized and redesigned the urban traffic proposal via the gamification method.

She previously worked as an interaction designer at Lenovo Research Center, took charge of optimizing user experience on touch screen of Lenovo tablet PC.
She also worked in an mobile internet startup and modern sharing/collaborative economy company, and accumulated a wealth of project experience.

Now she works in Science Press and focuses on interactive media art, live visual performance, code art, and tries to integrate science and art.