a project in contemporary generative print design and art. Its final products will be a book that presents programmed images by various artists. Each print in process will be calculated individually — which makes every single book unique.

这个项目大致是召集艺术家、设计师、开发者(谁能给developer一个体面的翻译 囧),制作图像/图形生成程序,提交给该网站后,由他们的网站程序负责集成,并调用该作者上传的程序生成图像/图形,最后会整理成一本书。


1 self-developed, executable program for windows or mac os x
2 program has to save .png files with RGB/CMYK Colors and the required size of: 4080×2720 px
3 command line arguments have to be deliverable to any save path. For every argument one generated image will be filed in an adequate location.
4 program terminates itself after successful saving of images.


本来想做个flash版的,但是普通flash(web)不能访问本地文件系统,即不符合条件第二条。 不知道AIR的安装版能不能用命令行传参?


Clone, thank u for share this.

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